A short overview

Here is a short overview over our work during the last years. There is much more software written by us, but it's too specialized (or secret or small) to list it here.
2002de.bb.bejy.eclipse addon for the Eclipse IDE to enhance JSP development.
2000-2001BEJY a small and fast Java server is released.
1998-1999Multimedia stations for Bautzen, Buchenwald, Moringen and Torgau. Remember what happened!
1997-1998Isi Goin' 1 + 2, produced for Art Department Hamburg and Bild der Frau.
1996GUI library version 3 - support for OS/2 and MacOS.
1996"Dunkle Schatten 2", another ethic movie game produced for Art Department WA and the german Bundesministerium des Innern.
1996"Des Kaisers neue Kleider" (story by Hans Christian Andersen), ported from english to german for Softgold / Trimark.
1995"Projekt Amajambere", a movie game with ethic aspects, produced for Art Department WA and the german Bundesministerium f�r wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung.
1994GUI library version 2 - redesigned and object orientated.
1992-1993Ported Spaceward Ho! from PC to Amiga. First game on Amiga with support for custom gfx cards, running under OS1.3 to OS3.1.
1992First GUI library - easy porting from MS Windows to Amiga.
1992created BFS - Bebbos File System. A network file system for Amiga, which allowed to play Spaceward Ho! over network.
1992BebboSoft maintained by F. Fischell and S. Franke.
1989-1992Development of varios utilites for Amiga.
1989BebboSoft was founded by S. Franke and M. Roth.

rev: 1.5