Spaceward Ho!

A long time ago I saw a cool strategic game running on a Mac: Spaceward Ho! from Delta Tao Software. But it was much cooler to use an Amiga! So I started to develop a program 'like' Spaceward Ho!. It was just fortune that I got contacts to Softgold and got a contract to produce the real Amiga port of Spaceward Ho!.

Now Amiga is 'out of race' since... uhmmm... some days. But I am glad to provide the last version of Spaceward Ho! for Amiga for free. Thanks to Joe Williams (President, Delta Tao) for the permission.

Spaceward Ho! for Amiga was the first network game supporting most (all?) gfx boards for amiga. It runs from Kickstart 1.2 to 3.5 and requires at least 1 MB Ram.

You can downlad disk 1 and 2 as DMS files. You only need the second Disk, if you are capable of using 256 color modes.

Disk 1Main install / boot disk V2.0
Disk 2256 color image disk

Well, I recently revived my old Amiga and assembled the latest available version: Spaceward Ho! V2.1. Biggest advantages:

Enjoy it!
NEW Disk 1Main install / boot disk V2.1

Spaceward Ho! running under WinUAE