BebboSoft Services

  • We provide contract development to create applications and solutions for many plattforms using C, C++ or Java - and if needed way more programming languages.
  • The only preference for projects are
    • a reasonable time schedule and
    • some mutually fair conditions.
Talk to us, even if you dislike the look of this web page, we simply don't have the time to fix this page, since we take time for our customers.

Other stuff:

A random selection of artifacts:
  • BEJY a fast and modular server engine, with moduls for HTTP, SMTP, POP3, written in Java.
  • BEX a BNF to Java source compiler for LL(k) grammars.
    Ready to use, easy to handle and produces efficient code.
    Read the documentation and look at the provided examples.
  • Java speed measurement Measuring performance of different BigInteger implementations with different JVMs.
  • miniSSL V1.3 a SSL client package for Java, with 128 bit encryption in only 12.426 bytes.
  • SFX V0.85 to generate self extracting executables for Windows, e.g. for Setups. One of the fastest unpackers available!

Company Info

Our company provides you excellent knowledge of design and development for games, tools and business applications for various operating systems. We offer you
  • consulting and aid with your design from small applications up to complex solutions
  • reviews and completion of designs and books of duties
  • test plans and quality assurance for your products
  • implementation of your software conforming to your provided book of duty
  • porting existing applications to other operating systems


Released BNM 0.0.3.
BNM is not Maven. BNM is rather a prof of possible enhancements to Maven. Find out more java/bnm/
Release version 1.4 of bb_util. With this release the GPL 3 applies! See more at bb_util
Published new versions of BEJY and BEJY Tiger
Found some time to work on BVM again. Threads are working now, next task is to implement 'synchronized' stuff.
Since I worked recently for TINI and SNAP, it might be interesting to get my BVM working for thos plattforms too? Mail me if u want that!
Announced miniSSL V1.4, tiniSSL V1.0 and snapSSL V1.4
First information of Bebbo's Virtual Machine which will be available for different plattforms including embedded devices.
Released version of BEJY at
Released version 1.5 of bb_mug a simple, tiny and fast Java class obfuscator.
Released bb_mug a simple, tiny and fast Java class obfuscator.
Released our WIKI implementation to the public. Read more at WIKI
Activated the WIKI based pages.
The simple WIKI implementation adds seamless WIKI support to web applications. Just use the *.wiki extension to use WIKI.
Since Genuitec decided to switch to IBM contributions, the contract was ceased. Based on latest contribution in April 2004 both sides agreed, that the BebboSoft Eclipse plugin may be published in May 2005 again.
We contributed our plugin to Genuitec. The Eclipse plugin is now part of MyEclipse
The Eclipse plugin is now part of MyEclipse

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