SFX V0.85

This package contains everything to convert a directory with a set of installation files into one self executable program. The generated programm unpacks on execution all files into a temporary directory, runs the installation program, waits for its termination and cleans all files up.

All software is published under our NON COMMERCIAL LICENSE. If you plan to use any of this software in a commercial product, contact the author for conditions and permissions.

Read, understand and accept the disclaimer before to download sfxV085.zip.

How to use it

  1. Unpack the files into some directory (e.g. c:\sfx\)
  2. Copy your installation files into a subdirectory (e.g. c:\sfx\acme)
  3. If you want to create a SFX for Windows 16 bit, your install program must be named SETUP.EXE. If you want to create a SFX for Windows 32 bit, your install program must be named SETUP32.EXE. (e.g. c:\sfx\acme\setup.exe or c:\sfx\acme\setup32.exe)
  4. Make the installation directory your current directory (e.g. cd c:\sfx)
  5. Depending of the result run MAKSFX16.BAT or MAKSFX32.BAT (e.g. MAKSFX16 acme)

On success you get an executable (e.g. c:\sfx\acme.exe) which contains the content the installation directory.


2000-09-01first public release of SFX V0.85

Disclaimer of Warranty

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