Tools and Libs

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All software is published under our NON COMMERCIAL LICENSE.
If you plan to use any of this software in a commercial product, contact the author for conditions and permissions.

Java speed measurementSince there are still JVMs available which come to you with some missing packages or classes, especially J2ME versions, there is still need for performance critical classes to be coded in an more prformant way. One of these classes is the java.math.BigInteger.class, which is required for RSA computations.
This article compares our own solution to different JVMs.
WIKIA servlet for WIKI in wep applications
BEX V1.7A small and fast BNF to Java source compiler for LL(k) grammars. Written in Java.
miniSSL V1.3A small and convenient SSL client implementation with 128 bit encryption for Java - written in 100% pure Java.
SFX V0.85A small, old and simple sfx generator. Creates Windows 16 bit or Windows 32 bit SFX, from a setup.exe and its installation files.

rev: 1.2